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Akean R Henry LLC is a reputable handyman service provider that offers a wide range of home improvement solutions to customers in and around Syracuse, NY. We are a team of experienced and talented handymen who are always prepared and well-equipped to take on any home maintenance tasks that you have at hand. Here’s what we have to offer!

Our Services


Painting might look like a simple task but achieving professional results requires expertise, patience, and a steady hand. Our painting specialists take your vision seriously – transforming any room into an oasis of color while adhering to industry standards. Let us help you revitalize your home with clean lines, even coverage, and impeccable finishes.


Over time, these walls may develop cracks, holes, or water damage. This is where a professional drywall service comes in handy! Our expert drywall technicians can repair, install, and finish your walls and ceilings, restoring their original beauty and structural integrity. It's a quick, hassle-free, and affordable way to keep your interiors looking fresh and modern. Contact our reliable drywall and painting contractor to revamp your space today!


Carpentry can make all the difference when it comes to defining aesthetics or daily functionality within your property. Whether you need custom cabinets built from scratch or require minor repair works on existing ones – our team has got it all figured out! You'll be amazed by the endless possibilities offered through their skillful craftsmanship.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects deserve proper planning combined with meticulous execution because they significantly impact house value down the road. That's why we deliver stunning kitchen concepts complete with modern fixtures accompanied by elegant bathrooms tailored just for relaxation. Hire our exceptional remodeling services today!


Frustrated with leaking pipes? Want easy fixes for those pesky plumbing issues? Look no further than our well-equipped plumbers who won't disappoint you one bit. The experts will promptly arrive on-site fully prepared, diagnosing the problem while working fast to resolve it right from root cause to final solution.

Appliance Repair

Appliance Repair
Appliance repair is far more convenient compared to purchasing replacements – saving both time and money. Trust our skilled technicians to fix your broken appliances in no time. We treat short circuits, damaged components, and software issues with great caution – restoring smooth functionality. Choose our reliable handyman services today for seamless appliance repair work.

Car Washing

Car Washing
A clean car speaks volumes about a person's lifestyle or business practices, but not everyone has the luxury of free hours dedicated solely to maintaining their vehicle's cleanliness. With our mobile car washing service, we bring convenience into this equation – leaving your automobile spick-and-span after a professional touch by experts who comprehend what brilliance looks like.

Minor Roof Repair

Minor Roof Repair
Minor roof repairs may seem insignificant initially, yet they often escalate into damaging interior structures if left unattended for extended periods. Why take risks when you have access to professionals adept at identifying fundamental deficiencies linked with exteriors? Leave roofing worries behind as we restore good-as-new conditions in no time!


Make your outdoor space a refreshing and functional environment with our top-quality landscaping services. From mulching to flower beds, our handymen are proficient in handling all types of landscaping work with ease. Don't settle for less; elevate your outdoor experience with the impeccable craftsmanship of professional landscaping services.

The Benefits

First and foremost, a skilled handyman has expertise in varying trades, allowing for efficient and competent completion of broad-ranging jobs. Additionally, professional handymen handle both minor repairs and significant renovations, allowing homeowners to deal with a single, reliable service provider.

How We Work

Make an appointment with our handymen at Akean R Henry LLC by making a quick phone call. Describe your current situation and the service you require for that. We’ll give you an accurate estimate and meet you at your doorstep to begin the work.

Other Areas Served

We serve residential and commercial customers residing in the following areas:

  • Westvale, NY
  • Salina Town, NY
  • De Witt Town, NY
  • Camillus Town, NY
  • Fairmount, NY

Akean R Henry LLC offers commercial and residential handyman services to customers residing in and around Syracuse, NY. Call us today!

Client Testimonials

by Billy P. on Akean R Henry LLC
Top-Notch Work!

I needed a drywall and painting contractor to paint and repair my drywall. I was lucky enough to find this company. The experts did a fantastic job repairing and painting the drywall in my home. Highly recommended!

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